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Living well is a simple concept that can feel out of reach in so many ways, especially mentally and emotionally. That is why Muslim Bliss was created. It was founded by Sadia Jalali, MA, LMFT who saw the void in the Muslim community for mental wellness education and awareness.

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Sadia Jalali steered me through the roughest instances of my past and present and dissected my life in a way that helped me understand why I perceived things the way I did. She has a knack for picking apart your thoughts and challenging the unhealthy ways we often view the world. My commitment to therapy has helped me approach my life with a clearer and more positive attitude. Situations that would have otherwise triggered anxiety and unhealthy bouts of stress in me are minor challenges now. I calculate life’s stressors from the perspective of a healthy adult and have come to terms with past traumas which triggered anxiety and affected my relationships. Sadia has the warm personality everyone wants in a therapist coupled with the intelligence we need. She is easy to open up to, even when times are dark. I am so grateful to have found someone as compassionate and easy to get along with as her. We often forego therapy because it is hard or because we don’t like our therapist—but if you are willing to give Ms. Jalali a chance, you will see how she helps her patients navigate the hardest roads with ease while maintaining the professional connection we want to place our trust in.

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